It all begins with an idea

I start with an idea: a sunflower.

I sketch it out in the desired size, with attention to proportions, shapes, colors.  When I'm satisfied that I'm on the right track, I begin creating the cartoon, a full size drawing with pieces numbered and colors noted.  Once the pattern pieces are cut out, the glass is cut and assembled and small adjustments are made.  Afterwards, my favorite part, the assembly with lead begins.  All the lead joints are then soldered together, with careful feline supervision, of course.  Finally, to make the window weather-safe and more secure, the entire piece is cemented--a messy activity and my least favorite part.  The real magic takes place when the piece is cleaned, waxed, and buffed to a dazzling finish. Now it's ready to be mounted in a window for sunlight to play with.


where broken glass comes to light

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